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World Ventures Business Review

Posted by Fenix Skai



World Ventures was founded by Wayne Nuget and Mike Azcue, in Plano, Texas, in 2005.  Since its conception the company has enjoyed incredible success and rapid growth. In 2009, WorldVentures expanded into several global markets.  As a travel company WorldVentures LLC is certified with the standard industry organizations including IATA, ASTA, & CLIA.


World Ventures sells travel packages.  Distributors buy in at an initial entry fee of $99.  This isfurther discounted to $49.99 if you purchase the Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) Package or a combination of the LTC Package and the Dream Trips Membership.  Here is the breakdown in cost for those:

  • Dream Trips - $199
  • LTC Package - $350
  • Both Combined - $350



  • Distributors can buy into wholesale travel packages
  • Self-employed entrepreneurs that travel extensively can save expenses on pre-paid trips
  • Distributors can become eligible for a “DreamCar” bonus, by qualifying as a Regional Marketing Director.
  • Travel Ventures is certified as a legitimate travel agency
  • A good marketing plan will help distributors grow their business



  • Compensation plan is not that lucrative
  • World Ventures has experienced an extremely high attrition rate
  • Travel industry is already very saturated with hundreds of MLMs
  • Residuals are based on downline distributors staying with the business
  • Less than 3% make enough income to stay with the company past 3 years


World Ventures Business Rating (High Score is 40):


" 22 "


If you like to travel, this may be worth looking into.  Don’t think of it as a get rich quick MLM.  World Ventures is a legitimate travel agency that maintains ia number of travel certifications.  That being said, World Ventures is not the best business opportunity.  The primary marketing strategy is to use the Friends and Family approach.  Furthermore, the travel industry is only surpassed by the Health and Wellness Industry as the most saturated.  Overall, World Ventures is a great company to use for travel, but a below average home business.


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